After the success of Goodfellas, Universal gave Martin Scorsese the green light to begin production on Casino. The result was a more mature and layered take on organized crime in Vegas, with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci reuniting in a role that showcases their ability to create believable, charismatic characters. It also provides a look at how Las Vegas evolved from a sleepy desert town to the gambling mecca it is today.

It lays bare the city’s past, showing how an intricate web of corruption centered in Vegas, with tendrils reaching into the Teamsters union and other mobs in the Midwest. It’s a compelling movie that puts a different spin on the usual Las Vegas tropes, showing that opulence, neon lights and gamblers are merely the surface of a much more complex and interesting city.

Many casinos are a major source of income for their local communities. They bring in tax revenue that helps local politicians avoid budget cuts to essential services and infrastructure projects. They can also help raise average wages in the immediate neighborhood. In addition, many offer food and drinks to keep their players fueled during their gambling session.

They may also offer a variety of other amenities, such as flexible event and group business spaces, luxury hotel rooms with cutting-edge technology and delicious restaurants. These amenities are important to attract a diverse group of customers and help the casino stand out from the competition.