Throughout history, gambling games have used markers to represent money. However, in the 19th century, the problem of forgery became more prevalent. As a result, casinos began to standardize playing currency. This is now a common feature in casinos today.

Throughout the 20th century, new machinery and processes were used to produce standard chips. These chips are typically 39mm in diameter. They are manufactured using clay or ABS plastic. The chips can also have a pattern or stylized design on the surface.

Casino chips have many anti-forging features. These features are intended to help combat counterfeits.

Some casinos add RFID tags to their chips, which can help with tracking betting patterns. Some casinos also use rectangular-shaped plaques to represent high denominations. These are usually used in tournaments. These are larger than standard poker chips. They have individual serial numbers, as well as anti-fraud measures.

A chip’s color and texture are also carefully controlled. Different colors can be used to make it easier for dealers to determine how much players are betting. A blue chip is worth five dollars, a red chip is worth a nickel, and a white chip is worth a dollar.

Some casinos use plastic chips. These are often referred to as “Clay Composite”. These are not pure clay chips, but they have a ceramic look and feel. These chips are also higher quality than the basic dice chips. The chips are usually made of ABS plastic and may have a small amount of clay added.

Poker chips are also available in online casinos. They are made from plastic and have a similar look and feel to those found in casinos. However, there are several differences between the two. In addition, most online poker rooms use virtual chips.

The exact manufacturing process of any casino’s chips is a trade secret. However, it is known that a chip’s face is usually branded with the name of the casino.

If you would like to have custom chips, you can hire a chip supplier to make them. This is not a way to play in real casinos, though.

You can purchase casino plaques from chip retailers. They are larger than standard poker chips and have individual serial numbers, as well as anti-fraud mechanisms. The plaques are typically used in tournaments. The chips are usually in multi-colored designs. They are also made of clay, which provides additional security against duplicate fraud.

There are many types of chips. Some people prefer ceramic chips, which are more durable. Others prefer plastic chips. But whether you choose ceramic or plastic, there are some advantages to each. Whether you prefer ceramic or plastic, the physical look of a chip is a plus. It’s also a lot more fun to collect chips. And if you’re worried about the risks, you can play online. It’s a good way to keep up with the latest developments in gaming. Just remember to sanitize your chips before you use them. You can also find high-end plastic poker chips for sale.